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    As the temperature gradually rises, the troubles of new parents come one after another. Especially in the hot summer months, caring for a newborn on a daily basis is a headache for adults, let alone newborns, who can't stand the heat of summer. It is not too much to say that parents can really fight with diaper rash for 300 rounds. This is a difficult "problem" to deal with, so let me give you some tips today.

    The first thing we need to know is what diaper rash is. Diaper rash is what we call a red bottom every day, and it is one of the common skin problems of babies. This is one of the common skin problems of infants. The skin of infants is soft and tender, plus the irritation of the buttocks by peeing and pooing, and the diaper covered area will easily develop diaper rash. Babies who are confused by diaper rash will have red spots, swelling, yellow blisters, peeling scars and even infected ulcers on their bottoms, and because of the pain, babies will cry and sleep uncomfortably.

    The three main causes of diaper rash

    1, lazy

    Many parents, once they find that their baby is suffering from diaper rash, think that it is the problem of diapers or diapers, but had not reflected on whether it is caused by their own replacement is not in place. The buttocks that are wrapped in diapers or diapers for a long time will affect the evaporation of water, so that the buttocks are soaked with moisture and poop and urine bubbles, which will then have a rash or even cause erosion. When a baby is diapered and the parents are unable to change it regularly for some reason, the wet and cold will continue to irritate the bottom and over time will destroy the natural acidic protective film on the surface of its skin. Even without the confines of diapers or wipes, a condition similar to diaper rash can occur if the baby is not changed regularly. Therefore, before complaining about baby products, parents should reflect on themselves.

    2、Make a strong effort

    Baby pee and poo will often be unclean, then parents can only use force to clean up. 初生嬰兒尿片 this is very likely to cause the baby's skin to break down. Because the skin stimulated by poo and urine for a long time, more sensitive and tender than normal skin, if coupled with the parents scrubbing hard, is undoubtedly "adding insult to injury".

    3, hygiene

    The feces contains countless germs, and when the protective layer of the baby's buttocks is destroyed, the urine and feces will constantly "attack" the baby's tender skin, and once the germs are caused to grow in large numbers, it is easy to develop local inflammation of the skin.

    So what should we do when our baby has diaper rash?

    First of all, make sure that your baby's skin is intact and that his or her bottom is comfortable. Change your baby's diaper or diaper regularly after he/she has urinated or defecated, and then wash his/her private area with warm water. After cleaning the bottom, don't rush to put on a new diaper, but dry it with a soft cloth or paper towel and leave it to dry in the air for a while. After the diaper rash has healed, apply some buttock cream containing zinc oxide. When your baby's bottom skin is normal, parents can rub the cream on your baby's bottom after every poo and pee to reduce the irritation of your baby's bottom.

    How can I prevent my baby from getting diaper rash?

    1. Wash your baby's buttocks regularly

    The first thing you need to do to prevent diaper rash is to keep your butt clean, and to do a good job of cleaning it for your baby in time. When washing, you should wash from the top down, that is, first at the urethra and then around the anus, to avoid contamination of the urethra with bacteria from the anal location. Especially female babies, because the female urethra mouth is close to the anus, more likely to be infected.

    2、Change diapers regularly

    If the diapers or diapers are changed diligently, the moisture on the farts can be reduced, greatly reducing the contact between the small farts and irritants, and the incidence of diaper rash will gradually decrease. Some mothers are afraid that their babies will leak sideways when they are replaced, so they will wrap their babies tightly, which is very bad for them, and wrapping them too tightly can easily cause red farts, dermatitis and other diseases.

    3, often to the baby's butt breathable

    The actual fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on your own, and you'll be able to get a good deal on your own.

    After cleaning your baby's butt, don't be in a hurry to wear a new diaper, let your baby's little butt dry in the air for a while longer; you can also let your baby's butt sunbathe when the weather is good. Be careful not to leave them out for more than half an hour.

    If your baby has been suffering from diaper rash for a long time, mothers should keep the following 4 points in mind when caring for them.

    1. Allow the baby's butt to breathe as much as possible to reduce the moisture on the buttocks.

    2, to wash the baby's buttocks with warm water, not soap, to reduce some of the irritation.

    3、Check your baby's diaper in time, if it has become wet, change it regularly and check if your baby has pooped, if so, change it in time.

    4、If the baby's buttocks have broken skin, pus, ulcers and other serious diseases, may be complicated by germs or Candida infection, should be early diagnosis and treatment, under the guidance of doctors careful care, reasonable use of drugs.