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    After autumn, the temperature will slowly turn cold, and the weather is relatively dry and restless, the body is bound to become weak and immune system is reduced, coupled with increased precipitation, easy to let a large number of germs multiply, thus increasing the risk of gynecological diseases.

    Women should strictly prevent gynecological diseases in autumn, teaching you 4 guidelines to prevent

    1、Pick cotton clothes

    It is best not to wear tight-fitting chemical fiber underwear, although it has the characteristic tight-fitting effect, but it will keep the vagina in a hot and humid environment, which in turn stimulates the growth of mold, underwear should be changed and washed regularly and put in the sun to help disinfection and sterilization, not put in the wet and cold and unventilated environment. Every night before going to bed, you乳癌檢查 water to soak your feet, not only can you lose the meridians in your feet, but you can also let the heat flow throughout your body to help warm your womb, promote blood circulation and reduce fatigue.

    2、Moderate exercise

    Some friends can choose to ease the movement of, especially adhere to do sit-ups, can let the retro high speed to get exercise, retro high speed and many capillaries and blood vessels turn to, over the balloon can make it get movement, promote the blood circulation of the abdomen, prevent the formation of gynecological disease. In addition, we should do a good job on the diet, the daily diet to low calories, low sugar, low salt and high vitamin as the principle, try to eat less cold and spicy stimulating food, control the weight, to prevent the body from excessive obesity, but also not too thin.

    3. No indiscriminate use of drugs

    Patients should not use antibiotics indiscriminately. Although antibiotics have an antiseptic effect, they can lose some of the bacteria that are beneficial to the 痛風 increase the probability of vaginitis. Apply heat to the abdomen every night before going to bed to promote blood circulation to the uterus and massage the abdomen to open up the meridians inside the uterus and reduce the problem of cold.

    4、Go to the hospital for examination on time

    But all women who have sex should go to the hospital on time to do gynecological examinations, so that they can keep abreast of the situation of the human body. In addition to regular gynecological check-ups, they should also do gynecological ultrasound tests and their anti-cancer screening to achieve early detection and treatment.

    Warm reminder

    Women should eat more black beans and red dates or乳房硬塊 in autumn to promote blood circulation throughout the body, and can also use ginger or rose in water to warm the womb and alleviate the problem of body cold. Get a balanced intake of nutrients, avoid spicy and stimulating foods, and get enough sleep. Exercise moderately to strengthen your body.