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  • Artificial intelligence can leverage online education

      Can artificial intelligence leverage online education? Experts: encourage exploration and innovation.

      Artificial intelligence can leverage online education.

    The hong kong university scholarships for international students and local students who admitted to its programmes in Hong Kong.

      Last June, when the intense math exam for the college entrance exam was just finished, another "exam" began. In particular, it is the artificial intelligence robot that faces the exam, not the ordinary students. Aidam wisdom education robot with six past of them from the game, eventually to 9 minutes 47 seconds time to finish the whole math exam, 134 points, and the six top part is an average of 135 points, with only 1 minute, narrow victory.

      "I hope that through this PK, education industry will know how the application of artificial intelligence in education has developed." Aidam, head of research and development company, students with excellent grades Zhang Kailei jun, founder and chief executive, said the artificial intelligence can think like a man knowledge, step by step process and output the answer, AI technology will give some fresh blood to the education Antimicrobial stewardship for pneumonia.

      In the recently held 2017 Internet education BBS, good future group President yun-feng bai also expressed the same idea, "belong to 'education + Internet age has in the past,' education + AI is the present and the future of hope". In July 2017, the state council issued the new generation of artificial intelligence programming ", clearly put forward to 2030, China's core industry scale of artificial intelligence will be more than 1 trillion yuan, drive the related industrial scale more than 10 trillion yuan. Among them, education is one of the important application scenarios of artificial intelligence, and the future imagination space is huge.

      Because AI, online education is coming back to spring again.

      Online education hundred schools contend.

      In 2014, it was called "online education year" by the industry. At that time, the online education enterprises, which first tasted the Internet, sprang up like mushrooms, and the momentum was fierce. But the first spring was too short, and with ladders and nets, people who had been betting on education were starting to panic.

    Hence, when one receives medical devices supply, the medical warehouse delivery conditions need to be checked, keeping these factors in mind.

      Suffered "mania - frozen" in the "roller coaster" type of ups and downs, lucky enough to survive in the online education enterprise eventually took the express of artificial intelligence, to master the scene.